Descripción general

ErgoEdge allows you to achieve your personal balance of comfort and posture as never before on an innovative sports frame specifically engineered as a platform for loupes. This patent-pending frame is equipped with an unmatched suite of adjustable features – most notably the ability to fine-tune the declination angle of your loupes using ComforTilt™ technology. The adjustable nose pad can be moved up and down in addition to being spread or compressed to achieve the optimal fit for your specific facial geometry.

User-adjustable declination angle, an adjustable nose pad and the next step in innovation in temple arm flexibility gives the user unmatched ability to achieve the optimal fit.

This frame model also features a head strap that clips into the tips of the temple arms for a more secure fit. ErgoEdge is available in two sizes, six colors and supports all prescription types.


Opciones de montaje:

A través de la lente


Small, Medium

Opciones de color







  • Banda para la cabeza
  • Plaqueta nasal
  • Protectores laterales (par)
  • Terminales de las patillas