7 de junio de 2014

Orascoptic®, the leader in superior vision solutions for dental and medical professionals adds Oakley®’s Flak Jacket® to their comprehensive sport frame collection. 

“Adding the Flak Jacket to our collection of sports frames was an easy decision,” said James Onderak, Orascoptic Director of Product Development. “The overall style and durability of the frame, along with the reputable Oakley name reinforces that it is an essential component to our product line.”

Designed with a 3-Point Fit, the Flak Jacket provides stability without compromising overall comfort. The lightweight frame accommodates a wide range of prescriptions types and offers Through-the-Lens (TTL) mounting capabilities for a range of Orascoptic telescopes. Available colors include black, grey, and white.

About KaVo Kerr Group

KaVo Kerr Group is a global portfolio of dental brands and operating companies that share common values of Trust, Experience, Choices, Quality and Smart Innovation. Brands include KaVo, Kerr, Kerr Total Care, Pentron, Axis, Sybron Endo, Orascoptic, Pelton & Crane, Marus, Gendex, DEXIS, Instrumentarium, SOREDEX, i-CAT, NOMAD, Implant Direct and Ormco. With over 500 years of combined experience and proven solutions, KaVo Kerr Group uniquely serves the dental profession.

Orascoptic assists clinicians in delivering better procedural outcomes through superior visualization. Founded by a dentist in 1981, Orascoptic has been designing and manufacturing award-winning loupes and light systems in Middleton, Wisconsin for 30 years.

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